Praise and worship

Mowbray Baptists love to sing. As our congregation consists of people of all ages from many different cultures, we sing a wide variety of the great hymns of faith and contemporary songs of worship and praise to God our Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord, and the Holy Spirit our Comforter, Provider and Guide. At some services the singing is accompanied by the pipe organ and piano, while at others it is accompanied by other instruments such as the guitar, drums, keyboard, flute and violin. We love to encourage Christian musicians to serve the Lord with the talents He has given them, so if you are looking for such an opportunity, you would be most welcome to audition. Songs of praise are often led by our multinational Gospel Choir, so that the congregation learns to sing praises to God not only in English, but also in the languages of others who attend our church.

The “Sing to Him” programmes which are held at Easter and Christmas and on other occasions during the year are a good opportunity for other Christian in the community to join us in singing many of the great hymns of faith, accompanied by the pipe organ. Baptists are people of the Book, so different members of the congregation have the privilege of reading the Scripture on which the sermon is based at each service. They often read in their own mother tongue, giving those who come from the same area the joy of hearing the Word in their own language, while the others follow the English in the pew Bibles, or projected on the screen. Corporate prayer is also a vital part of praise, worship, thanksgiving and intercession. In addition to prayer meetings before each worship service, some also have the privilege of leading the congregation in prayer during the services.

We are grateful to God for those whose talents do not lie with being in the limelight, but who are able to serve the Lord unobtrusively by using their technical talents. Mowbray Baptist is a church family where everyone is important and everyone is encouraged to be involved in using whatever talents they have to serve, praise and worship their Saviour and Lord.

If you would like to get involved through singing or playing an instrument, or if you are able to assist in managing the projector during the service, or helping out at the sound desk, then please speak to Janine.